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Foodie mom of a toddler.


Elizabeth "Liz" Rietz is a self-professed foodie and mom to a picky 19-month old toddler. Dedicated to feeding her child nutritious, well-balanced and delicious meals, Liz constantly experiments with recipes and creates new ones to entice the palate of a veggie-averse daughter. As a working mom, her focus is on quick and easy dinners for a busy family. To document her mission and profile kid-friendly restaurants, she created “Whining and Dining in LA,” a food blog for Los Angeles families in 2007. Liz made her debut into the blogosphere in 2005 prior to her daughter’s birth with a blog to record her family’s journey in raising a daughter in LA.

At a very early age, Liz became quite adept at using her Fisher Price kitchen and baked her first cake at age two. Cooking classes from her nursery school teacher inspired her to take an interest in food and helping her mom with dinner. She grew up cooking together with her family in Dallas, TX and enjoying meals each night at the dinner table over spirited conversation. Liz learned from her dad to create gourmet, Southwestern and Cajun dishes and how to make a mean chili. She also secured a marriage proposal from her high school sweetheart, now husband, Bill, with her turtle brownies and carrot cake.

During her pregnancy, Liz experienced gestational diabetes, which led to a fundamental change in the way she approaches eating. She strives to eat balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables, protein and complex carbohydrates. With an increased risk for diabetes for Liz and her daughter, their family is whole-heartedly committed to enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

For her day job, Liz is a marketing and public relations consultant to life science and technology companies. She is also a principal for Ralston Outdoor Advertising, a Dallas-based outdoor media company. Liz received a B.A. in Communications from Southern Methodist University in 1998. When she is not chasing after her daughter, or working, Liz enjoys going to the gym, entertaining friends, trips to Whole Foods and evenings out at grown up restaurants around town.


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